Join us in pioneering medical dermatology

To help more patients, we’re strengthening our portfolio and pipeline through external partnerships and internal innovations. If you feel like you and your work would be a good match for a partnership with LEO Pharma, please reach out to us.

Why partner with us

  1. LEO Pharma partners across academia, biotech and pharma to strengthen our portfolio and pipeline. We’ve increased our investments in R&D to 18% of revenues to continue fueling the progression of our clinical pipeline.
  2. We’re interested in global and territorial partnerships at all development stages, from early discovery to marketed products. Our company structure and internal processes makes our time-to-market faster than many of our competitors.
  3. LEO Pharma is foundation owned. This means the company cannot be acquired or merged, making us a stable and reliable partner while also ensuring our freedom to constantly focus on patients, not investors.

What we’re looking for in a trusted partner

We’re looking for small and large chemical entities, biologics and nucleotide-based therapeutics from clinically validated pathways within dermatology, inflammation, allergy or cancer. We’re also interested in devices and delivery technologies that have potential to improve dermatology care.

LEO Pharma has developed the company, our products and competences for over a century and thanks to the collective efforts of bright and hard-working professionals from all over the world, today, we have one of the most innovative pipelines in medical dermatology.

Our purpose is to make a true difference in the lives of people living with skin diseases, so ultimately, we’re also looking for good like-minded people, striving to make a positive impact where ever they can.


On our way towards the most innovative pipeline

We offer important standard treatments, as well as new innovative solutions for skin diseases. We have built one of the strongest pipelines in eczema and continue to strengthen our established portfolio
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John Krayacich

Sr. VP Global - Business Development